Comprehensive Pain Care 62 Brown St, STE 207 Haverhill, MA 01830 Tel: 978-216-4090 Live your life free of pain!
Comprehensive Pain Care62 Brown St, STE 207Haverhill, MA  01830Tel: 978-216-4090 Live your life free of pain!


Every individual is different and so is the pain they experience. No two patients respond to pain in the same way. To insure high quality care and positive outcomes, we employ a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment, incorporating interventional, pharmacological, physical and psychological methods.


A Variety Of Treatments


Medication Management - medications for control and treatment of pain


Epidural Steroid Injections - releives nerve pain from disk ruptures and spinal stenosis.


Botulinum Toxin Therapy - a progressive treatment for muscle spasm pain.


Facet Joint Injections - for treating arthritic pain in the neck and back.


Nerve Blocks - injections for treating painful nerve conditions.


Radiofrequency Denervation - advanced treatment for select, painful nerve conditions which utilizes sophisticated radiofrequency technology.


Proactive Discography - diagnostic test used to identify disc related back pain.



Microsurgical Treatments


Spinal Cord Simulator - a computerized implant that effectively treats chronic pain.


Intrathecal Infusion Therapy - programmable pumps implanted for treating spine pain.


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Comprehensive Pain Care

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62 Brown St, STE 207

Haverhill, MA  01830


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